Yes, Piaggio offers range of products to suite your needs. Especially for the small scale business sector Piaggio offers Piaggio Pickups and Delivery vans. Piaggio passenger three wheelers are the ideal cost effective transport solution to transport passengers.
No. Piaggio offers both Diesel and petrol three wheelers. Petrol is known as Piaggio Pride Petrol and Piaggio diesel is known as Piaggio Passenger.
No. Piaggio markets range of four wheelers in Sri Lanka.
Piaggio three wheelers are known to be the best fuel efficient vehicles in town. It does 40 km per one liter of diesel. The cost per kilometer is as low as Rs.3.00
Spare parts are available amply across the country. There about nominated 250 spare parts dealers exists around the country.
As same as the availability of spare parts across the country, more than 250 dealers have been nominated. They are constantly monitored and upgraded with the advancing technology to cope up with the technological changes.
Yes, Dealers occupy competent technicians as they are constantly trained at AMW training center to upgrade their technological knowhow of the product.
It is as simple as walking in to a nearby showroom located in key towns of the country.
Piaggio is financed/finance facilities are offered by all the leasing companies in the country. You may notify our executive at showroom about the leasing facility requirement, and he will direct you to the required leasing facility provider.
Yes, Piaggio three wheelers are given a comprehensive warranty for 6 months or 15,000 km, whichever occurs first.
You are allowed to take only three persons in the three wheeler.
Yes, a wide variety of colors are now available from Piaggio.
Yes, we offer many different types of conversions to suit our customers’ needs and requirements, whatever you want!